Jane Bergeron, Daniel Tyler-Smith, Natalie Jacobs and DK Ugonna in 'On the Borderline' at the

Bloomsbury Theatre, West End 

The Creative Team of On the Borderline:

Director and Co-writer: Clara Armand

Director / Producer: Clara Armand 

Co-writer: Sally Wyatt

Set and Costume Designer: Diogenis Kyriakidis

Lighting Designer: Andy Clunie

Videography: Randy Nundlall

Sound Designer: Matt Lee Newby

Fights choreographer: Ronin Traynor

Dance-patterns choreographer: Dorna Peters

 Actors’ Cast: 

Courtney – Natalie Jacobs

Anne     - Jane Bergeron

Jaz     - Daniel Tyler-Smith

Patience – Esther Ajumobi

Derek    - DK Ugonna

Mr Gray - Tony Tobias


 The clip is from "On the Borderline". Producer: Clara Armand

Venue: The Bloomsbury Theatre, London's West End ; Choreography: Dorna Peters; Actors: Natalie Jacobs, Daniel Tyler-Smith, Eser Ajumobi, T. Tobias






Previous work: Most recent previous production: Action 

- a double bill of two plays:   A Plan of Action by Philip Ayckbournand Melody by

Deirdre Kinahan

Director: Clara Armand; Lighting Designer: Daniel Hutchinson

Cast: Natalie Jacobs, Fionnuala Lynch, Daniel Tyler-Smith, Victor Perez, Esther Ajumobi 

 Action  was performed in April 2009

at the Hampstead Theatre in London 


Documented production-clips from Action                                

Scene from Melody by Deirdre Kinahan: Kathleen (Fionnuala Lynch)  and Mr Kane (Victor Perez)



Scene from A Plan of Action by Philip Ayckbourn: Tabitha (Natalie Jacobs) and Roger (Victor Perez)

Action explores the secrets behind people's smiling faces and casual conversations, how people find each other, lie to each other, cope with separation, and find each other again. In 'A Plan of Action', Samantha and Roger try to discover a missing piece in their relationship, but teenagers Tabitha and Liam hatch a devious plan to dissuade Tabitha's mum and Liam's dad from going out together... In 'Melody', Kathleen and Mr Kane bump into each other in the park as they are munching their quick food in the lunch break from work. Much to their own surprise (as they have not yet lost that rare sensation - to feel surprised!), it is exactly in these short breaks from the routine of their everyday occupations that they make some stunning discoveries.

Starting from exploring and enjoying the difference in the ingredients and tastes of the food they eat, they find out that they have one thing in common - they love listening to classical music! But when calamity strikes, they make a second discovery, which would change their lives for ever...  

After the performance, we show the audience highlights from our rehearsal process. We hope that in this way, we can help people understand and handle their lives a little (if not much) better, but also make the creative process of reaching decisions during the rehearsals accessible to them. 

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 Natalie Jacobs (Tabitha) and Daniel Tyler-Smith (Liam)