Interanimation means blending,

making interact

bringing together.

The Company's name reflects our


and stylistic platform: to create

work, which

blends text-based with physical


and attention to language with

rhythmic movement. 


The actors, whom we cast,

usually have excellent movement

and voice skills, and come

from diverse backgrounds.


Our aim is to create a rich tapestry

of character studies, images, and

experiences. We are driven by

the belief that only a blend of

cultures, traditions, and

theatre styles can make the

audience feel

genuinely involved in a


We develop and produce work in

two main

strands: new writing, and

adaptations of the


Our work articulates the three


tasks of the art of theatre: to make


think, to change, and to entertain.

Daniel Tyler-Smith



Natalie Jacobs 

Victor Perez